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Episode 100: Until I am Made New, The Toilet Will Keep Running || Solve The Wolrd

Dedication is setting an alarm for 5 am because you want to listen to the episode as soon as it comes up. Regret is waking up at 5 am. Determination is listening to it anyway. Here we go. Episode 100, the longest and most anticipated

Oh, there is something really jarring about having the episode title spoken before the name of the show. It’s a small change up but wow does it make a difference when you’re used to it being one way. Also, the title is hella weird.

Love. Justice. Hope.

I love the way they are talking about love. I had literally just yesterday been talking to a friend about how useless and vague English is for conveying emotion. I never knew the greek had four words, though, that’s so much more to the point.

Robots. Huh. This is really interesting. You’re right Walker, we’re not Robots, but it’s so fascinating the way Dante writes, it’s captivating. Each person becomes unique depending on the time at which they learn anything and everything they learn becomes a part of them, consciously or not. Although, the walker said that what is broken remains broken and I can’t believe that.

This computer and robot metaphor thing is so important, even the walker, even God has limitations. He is only one infinite.

Every time we learn about something positive, the more potential we have for something negative. Nice casual Star Wars reference. We end up coveting Love, Justice and Hope because they have become ideals. And we end up turning to hate, injustice and despair. Leviathan is Justice. Yes. Perfect. Love was killed when George slain Behemoth. This is heartbreaking. Love became a prize to be won. God, this is thought provoking and really sad.

Ziz went to a better place, that was how hope remained real for the people of earth

Levithan was never supposed to come until the very last moment, until injustice was so large that we needed justice to come along. A very brief history of the world, but a deep and intense one.

Jenn is clearly far too overwhelmed to take in, to truly understand, to comprehend and respond to everything she is hearing. She isn’t able to talk or raise her eyebrows or anything because it’s all too intense.

Jenn is not pure but she is a simple infinity, that’s why she’s attractive to people, that’s why people think they can use her. I love Jenn’s denial of it. She couldn’t say anything until she just said no because she believes there are different levels of truth and this is not the truth she needs right now.

Also, the Walker has shifted into the first person and there’s something haunting about that.

There’s only one question who’s answer solves the world […] Why do bad things happen?

It’s the simplicity, it’s the innocence. It’s a question a child asks when they are pushed over by another child or hear that Daddy isn’t coming back. It’s proof that what Walker said before is true, she is a simple infinity. But that’s what is necessary, it’s what is needed.

[apparently, the first train goes past my house at 5:52 am who knew]

Jenn is so strong, so determined. I adore her. The way she refuses to be filled with ideals, with half-truths or lies. She is fed up of being used by everyone. This time she is demanding what she wants, what she needs. She is not going to stop asking just because Walker says she doesn’t deserve them.

Bad things hppen because I need them to, because without the bad things you don’t exist

Jenn is relentless. I love her for it. She will not let it drop, she will not step down. She has to keep going back, keep telling him that it’s not good enough or whatever. No matter what the Walker said, Jenn has to keep going. She longs for the simplicity. She doesn’t want flowery language, she just wants to hear it how it is.

Also, I have to say again, first person Walker is haunting as heck.

50 people who  I pity. I love this. As someone who has a degree in Creative Writing, I feel so called out right now. Creating other people because you can’t describe yourself. Ah yes, did you mean me? The Walker is talking about himself. Wow, this is clever. This is so well put together. Their thoughts are each other. Jenn isn’ sure she believes in him because he isn’t sure he believes in himself.

Sisyphus. This metaphor is great as well. Dante uses so much mythology and ideas and everything but he does it in a way that makes it accessable, mkes it understandable. It is very easy to become exclusive when you’re talking about these classical ideas, to shut up the peopel who don’t understand it. But Dante explains it in a way that doesn’t patronise but allows you in to it.

[there is a cat with the most peircing yellow eyes outside my window mewing at me]

Jenn is the same at the Walker. And now she has the power, she has the control. She can bring about Leviathan. The White Room is haunting. There is nothing. We need story, we need story to live, to thrive, to truly be. The people in the white room ae unable to be anything. And The Walker is unable to make Heaven because he’s already failed at making a good place. I feel for him now and I didn’t expect to.

Of course if Jenn is the same as the Walker, it also gives a level of humanity to Walker because they are the same. The Walker has his hopes, his fears, his needs, his desperations.


The maker has to have a maker. The Walker is holding on for his creator to arrive and move everyone out of the white room and into a real heaven. The Walker has to hope. Hope beyond hope. He has a vision but does he truly believe it? It’s a hope but does he believe it will ever happen.

She will lose Atticus and Scout if they don’t climb. But in a way where she won’t know she’s lost them. She will never have known them. Atticus and Scout, the closest she had to  real family. The ones who wanted to help not use her.

huh. Toilet. Well, I guess the title had to make sense eventually. I like Redjeb. A toilet will keep running, no matter what. 

Oh man. He quoted the very first episode. Lightning and then the end. Afterward- a bible quote. You decide if they are saved. Holy shit. That ending was perfect but apparently sleep is now not an option for me because I now have to go to DanteStack.com/Voices. Dammit Dante. this is so perfect. It’s been a privillidge to share your story.


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