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S4E8 || Being Human UK

I didn’t write this when I finished the episode, it’s actually the few days, so this might be somewhat lacking. For a season finale, this episode isn’t as hard hitting as some. While we do lose a character, it’s not in a omg why are you doing this to me sort of way, it’s more of a yes this is exactly what this character deserves sort of thing.
So this episode has to deal with the Old One’s being there. It’s basically a fallout episode from episode 7. One of the most interesting things about this episode and probably the hardest part to watch because it is just so gross, was finding out what happens when a vampire enters a place without being invited. Cutler forces himself into the hotel even though neither Annie or Alex will give him permission and basically he burns up. It starts with his fingertips as they’re the first to cross the threshold, but it ends up going as far as his skin peeling off. It’s horrific to see.

Cutler doing this and ending up being killed because of it, give us the final idea of what side he is one. Cutler is an enigmatic character for so much of the series, he talks about bringing the Old Ones down but then acts as if to help them. But in this, we see how he really feels. He does want to stop the vampires, he does want to bring them down. He is willing to put himself through excruciating pain to make sure what happened to him doesn’t happen to others, to make sure the entire human race isn’t enslaved. Cutler at the end of it all was a good person.

We see something of Tom’s character in this episode that we haven’t really seen before. A willingness to self-sacrifice. He talks about making the explosives and having to go in with them on his chest and set them off because he doesn’t know how to make a detonator. Tom says this as though it’s no big deal, while Hal has a freak out about how he can’t just give his life. Tom isn’t desperate and sad and looking for a way out, he is literally just aware of what needs doing and ready to do it. Hal tells him he’s remarkable and I personally find it impossible to argue with him.

Elsewhere in the episode, we see a strength in Annie that we don’t see very often, something we know is there but that remains covered for the most part. When Hal is kidnapped by the old ones and Eve has been taken by them, Annie is still stuck with the knowledge that she has to kill Eve to save the world. Barging in there, she unleashes Ghost-Power that we haven’t seen before and is able to literally send Vampire flying with a flick of her hand. It’s adorable seeing Alex look at her own hand before testing it out and finding that it works for her. Earlier in the episode, Annie had been teaching Alex to Rent-A-Ghost into a different place and had told her you can’t rent-a-ghost with a living thing so when Annie announcing “Hal is not a living thing” the message is clear and after a moment to comprehend, Alex gets the fuck out of there with Hal. And Annie presses the button for the explosives.

Annie obviously can’t be killed, she’s already dead, but literally all of the old ones [save Hal of course] and Eve are killed in the explosion. It’s a heartbreaking moment to see Annie alone with the fire all around her screaming for Eve.

But Annie gets the ending she deserves. It’s so easy to say ‘[character] deserved better’ but Annie gets the perfect ending for her character. She – with the ghost of baby Eve – has a door reappear which she goes through. She has a momentary reconnection with adult-Eve before going through to see who is waiting for her. Although we don’t see and never find out, the implication is George and Nina and I suppose the implication is Mitchell but I don’t buy that Vampires can be there so. But Annie is just so overwhelmingly happy when she looks through that door that it’s impossible not to be overwhelmingly happy for her.

The episode ends with what will most likely be the lead off into series 5. Hal is secured to a chair, flitting between angry, rude outbursts and his usual posh apologetic self. He is there to make him go cold-turkey regarding his blood addiction and Hal demands to know why Tom is doing it, and Tom says “because you’re my best mate”. This leads to the season ending with a feeling that things are coming together. The season started with Hal unable to go out in public and hating all new people and Tom hating all vampires and it ends with them as best friends saving each other.


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