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E4E7 || Being Human UK

This is an episode that likes to tug on the heartstrings. It’s not quick the over-emotional abuse that happens in S3E8 but it’s certainly not an easy episode to sit thing. Everything is basically split into two areas of story: Everything with Annie and Eve being one part and everything with Hal, Tom, Alex and Cutler being the other part.

With Annie and Eve, it’s hard on your emotions because of Annie reluctance to believe who this young woman is and Eve’s reluctance to accept that she can’t call this Annie, Mum and can’t get too close to her, despite having been brought up by and constantly loved by her. There is a desperate need for closeness between them but a barrier that neither of them can break through. It’s heartwrenching. I don’t know which bit to consider the worst part really. Although, I think Eve saying ‘Goodbye’ and adding ‘Mum’ after the door’s closed to Annie returning to her own time. And I don’t think I’ve seen anything more chilling in this show than:

Eve has known nothing of the who lives with her as a baby nothing of the Hal who is so desperate to stay in control that he has extreme OCD, nothing of the Hal who literally killed Fergus rather than rejoining the vampires. She knows nothing of the Hal we have grown to love in this series. She knows the monster he is perfectly capable of being. Which makes a good segway into the other plotline of the episode.

Hal is struggling, struggling as he is manipulated by Cutler, struggling as he tries to do normal human things like dating Alex, generally just struggling. Hal going back on the blood is very different to Mitchell going back on the blood and for me this is something very important about this show. Everyone is individual, Hal and Mitchell are both vampires who tried to abstain from blood and both failed but like all real life addicts they had a different reaction to it. Hal on blood is very much a drunk and power hungry being, which I believe is what Cutler wanted to bring back.

There was some very clever storytelling going on as we saw Hal being forced to drink the blood and see the dead person that it came from being mixed with shots of 50 years previous when Hal did the same thing to Cutler. It was very much a role reversal and while I generally am not sure how I feel about Cutler, I felt so bad for him as he was clearly remembering how it was done to him, how Hal stole his life and then Hal apologises. God, Cutler’s reaction to him apoligising is heartbreaking. Cutler needs a hug. Hal needs a hug.

And then, alongside this whole Cutler using everyone situation, Tom almost hurts a lot of people as the wolf and Alex is killed by Culter. Alex has a speech in this episode about how her dad and brothers will grieve and have to organise a funeral and how she was just on holiday and now she’s dead. I almost cried at that. Poor Alex. Poor everyone. Much like bubblebee girl Alex literally just stepped into the wrong cafe.

The next episode is a season finale so you know it can only get worse.


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