Episodes 96-98 || Solve The World

I’ve been listening to these episodes and not blogging about them but I promised myself I would blog the run up to the end of Solve the World and I am running out of time, so this is just gonna be a quick catch up post as I relisten to these three episodes so that I can go and listen to episode 99. Here goes nothing.

96: Untitled.

The lack of title is really jarring, Dante saying ‘Episode 96…’ then nothing it’s uncomfortable. I adore the interactions between Father Thomas and Jenn. It’s always fascinating to see interactions between different peoples opinions and beliefs and within the world of Solve the World that becomes even more so. But oh my god, has Jenn not been through enough pain? Why must she go through more? haha, Dante says it gets easier after this episode, does anyone actually believe him? I don’t.

97: The Last Temptation of Jennifer Dash.

My thoughts about this episode are basically summed up as MILES IS BACK MILES IS BACK MILES IS BACK. As a person, I have a lot of mixed feelings about Miles, but as a character I adore him. He is so fascinating and always adds another level of drama to everything. As always I am torn, torn between wanting Jenn to say no and get away from him and wanting Miles to remain in the centre of the story forever. He’s such a creep, I don’t like him but I love him.

98: Brutal Worship

This episode is basically: Oh Shit Lilith. Two episodes before the end what you don’t want is someone who shares her name with demonic mythology. “How do you solve the world now? One foot in front of the other” < that is my new mantra for life. This episode is really sad as Jenn thinks about the world not being solvable because there’s no formula. This whole bit is beautiful. The idea of death and the second death. My friends and I have discussed this so many times, about how people live on because people remember them. Flashbacks complete with heartbreaking song.

I’m really intrigued as to what the bigger commitment Dante is talking about is. I am happy to give a big commitment to Solve the World. I adore this podcast and want to be a part of it foreverrr. Speaking of which, I am episodes 1 and 24. I will be liveblogging episode 99 either later today or tomorrow


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