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S4E5+6 ||Being Human UK

Episode 5

This was a calmer episode in terms of the entire arc of the season, definitely less sad and intense than the one before. The return of Adam was always going to bring with it hilarity but it was also good to see more of the series side of him as well. The introduction of another supernatural creature was exciting, especially one who wasn’t aware of what she was, that added a level of intrigue to the character of Yvonne. All in all, not a lot to say about this episode, I’m beginning to get concerned about the burn on Hal’s arm and Tom’s in deep shit with that happened at the end but otherwise, on to episode 6.

Episode 6

This show is good at cliffhangers, good at leaving you with enough information to make you go ‘What the fuck’ and then spend an hour in a history lesson ranting and complaining and gushing about it because it’s perfect. Or maybe that was jsut me and Tasha. This episode ends ith the knowledge that the young woman who’s been watching Annie and who sent Kirby to deal with them is in fact Eve. And we have no further information to do with that.

Now, let’s leave that aside because we will deal with it in episode 7 I’m sure. So let’s focus on this episode and the two completely loveable and very important characters who were introduced. Allison (with two ls) and Alex. Both are adorable and loveable and cute as fuck.

Allison is a Werewolf like Tom and around the same sort of age as him. They hit it off instantly despite having rather different approaches to life. Allison is into debating, she’s got a number of badges regarding her debating and even a Blue Peter badge [just in case you doubted the Britishness of this show, you know]. She’s young and sweet and rather niave, a lot like Tom and the pair of them learn a lot from each other in this episode. It’s sad to see them not work out by the end of it but I’m pretty sure we see more of her in future episodes.

Then there’s  Alex. With a father and three older brothers, Alex thinks she knows how to handle men. She tries talking to Hal about cars, she tries using the condiments to talk football with him (which Hal adorably mistakes for his lack of understanding of rugby) and he doesn’t respond best well, so Tom forces him to take her on a double date with him and  Allison despite his best attempts at hiding from her when she comes back to talk to him

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This episode also gives us an important note on Tom’s relationship with Hal. Not only does he help Hal get back into dating by setting him up with Alex, but he is mindful of Hal’s need for control and how such a big step is going to affect him. It’s such a simple but touching moment when Tom gives Hal the box of matches that aren’t all facing the right way. It’s the distraction Hal needs as he is going out of his mind.

Tom is such an important person, he deserves to be wrapped in cotton wool and protected from the world, but also you know he can handle himself. I love him.


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