TV Talk

S4E4 || Being Human UK

This is an episode that really makes you sit up and take notice of each of the characters, it shows us the fragility of all of them, what it takes to hurt them, to break them, but also, in the end, it shows us where their strengths are as well. And that is together.

Kirby is a ghost sent by the strange girl on the TV screens to kill Eve and break apart their little family. He is a manipulative twat head who I literally want to bring back to life just so I can kill him slowly and painfully. I hate him. He’s a cleverly written character, though. Through him, we see the vulnerabilities of the others.

Tom comes first. As Annie is showing Kirby around we get our first glimpse of Tom’s room. On a large rather plain wall, he has photos from photo frames, magazines and newspapers of families. It’s heartbreaking as we realise from this that Tom is barely an adult [He turns 21 in this episode] and he’s never had a real idea of what a family is. He has to guess from what he sees in media and he clings to Annie and Hal and Eve because just maybe he’ll be able to get his family.

Kirby uses this need of Tom’s with a few simple words. He tells Tom that Annie and Hal are planning a surprise party for him, which is something real families do. Tom later discovers they weren’t – simply because they didn’t know – and feels forgotten and unwanted, causing him to lash out and run away.

1/3 dealt with.

Next comes Hal. Hal is OCD. Alongside the whole Domino thing, Hal is a stickler for things being in its place, for them being clean precisely. He cannot deal with anything being off. He needs his routine, he needs he sense of control, it’s all he has stopping him from becoming the vampire he used to be. Kirby gets to Hal really easily with this. He messes up the living room, then goes upstairs and messes up Hal’s room. Hal is clearly uncomfortable and I think it’s particularly important that we see the Dominos flying all over the place. The symbol of his control being taken out of his hands. But Hal keeps himself together, he doesn’t go all ragey-vampire, he goes to protect Eve.

But Kirby uses that, gets Annie against Hal by holding the baby and screaming at Hal not to hurt her. You can see Hal’s heart break when Annie says his name and he just says “Yes?” because he knows what’s coming. His safety, his protection, his family is being torn from him.

2/3 dealt with.

All that’s left is Annie. Annie’s big thing is wanting to be liked. She needs to be surrounded by people and she needs to be needed. It’s a bit part of her protectiveness of Eve, Eve is someone who completely needs her. So of course, all Kirby has to do to hurt Annie is tell her that she’s too much, that she drives people away that it’s no wonder people leave. The worst part for me was that he said that she drove Mitchell to suicide, that was far too cruel. After these speeches, Kirby is able to force her out of existence.

3/3 dealt with.

But it’s when they’re all lost, all broken and torn apart that they can get back together. Tom is a good person and apologises to Hal for attacking him and together they go back. Despite their strength and abilities they are both powerless against Kirby and it takes Annie – who literally returned from nothingness to save Eve – to blast him out of existence.

And then Tom finally gets the birthday he deserves with his family because that’s what they are.


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