TV Talk

S4E3 || Being Human UK

This episode brought back all of my love for Hal. Granted it never really went anywhere, but here I remembered why I love him. He’s attitude, his fear, his snide little comments, his relationship with Tom. Everything is perfect about him as a character.

He has a job alongside Tom in this episode and not only do we see a grow in their relationship but the level of distrust between the two of them. Tom has a never of stakes with him while Hal almost turns Tom over to the vampires.

Hal is such a fascinating character because he is one of the Old Ones. He was a manipulative murderer who had people under him doing whatever he longed for. We knew he has that side of him. But he is very childlike in the way he acts, in his desperation to remain in control he has reverted back a lot. His rant about how he used to be respected is very childlike but also very reminiscent of someone with mental health issues.

Tom is such a caring person as well. He is so protective over Hal and over Ever. He is so young and he’s been through so much and managed to maintain some level of innocence despite it all and I love him so much. I want to keep them all safe forever.

I remember being genuinely scared that Hal was going to join Fergus before the big fight at the end of this episode. But there was and still is something beautiful about Hal killing Fergus then turning to stand with Annie, Tom and Eve all “this is my family. hurt the I kill you.”

Once again this episode ends with our trio, our new trio, sat watching TV together. It’s so calmer to have that ending. They’ve come so far from not trusting to killing for each other and now they’re just resting.

Of course, it’s not going to stay nice for them. There’s the dude who came out of that poor old ladies door. He’s probably trouble


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