TV Talk

S4E1+2 || Being Human UK

The beginning of series four offers no release to fans after what the end of series 3 gave us. We are launched right back into the pain. We discover that Nina has been killed off between seasons and George is broken. George has covered their baby girls cot in crosses (I feel it should’ve been stars of David given that George is Jewish but hey ho) and is sitting constantly on guard with a stake ready to protect her. But never holding her, not even giving her a name. By the time that episode is even over, we’ve lost George as well.

We’re introduced to the idea of the Old Ones in the vampire hierarchy. Everything we saw with Herrick is seen now to be petty crime compared to what is coming. However, we also meet Hal and Pearl and Leo. Much like our own original trio, they are a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living together. Unlike our original trio they lasted a long longer together. But while Pearl and Leo don’t make it out of the opening two episodes, Hal does.

Hal and Tom’s instant hatred of each other speaks instantly of an OTP to be. Hal even sarcastically accuses Tom of flirting. Hal’s thing with the dominoes is something I’ve always loved. He places the dominoes up, meticulously in order, then takes them back down. To remind himself that he is in control. And by the end of the episode we see the loss of control from him as he blows down the row of dominoes, letting them just fall.

You have to laugh at the end of the episode though. Annie and Tom stop Hal killing a guy and then Hal and Tom try to kill each other and five minutes later they’re sat down to tea back at home. Britain.


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