TV Talk

S3E7+8 || Being Human UK

I could literally just post all of the sad gifs ever made and it would sum up my feelings for these two episodes. It’s the climax, it’s the end. The true end of the group that we know and love, it’s the true end of the show as we know it. And it’s the end of Mitchell.

Throughout these episodes we see everyone finding out that Mitchell was responsible for the Box Tunnel Massacre and the fall out of that. It’sAnnie wanting him to go to prison. Nina calling the cops. It’s Mitchell in prison. It’s the photo and camera phones not showing him. It’s Herrick’s return. It’s the breakout.

And then, it’s Mitchell’s death. George and  Mitchell’s relationship is so important to me. People get so bogged down with “shipping” gay relationships that male friendships are so often overlooked. George and Mitchell are best friends, best friends who love each other, best friends who’ve hurt each other, best friends who would – literally – kill for each other. And in the end, it’s best friends who will make the ultimate sacrifice. Mitchell couldn’t live with himself, what he had done, what he would do, what he was doing to the likes of  Annie and George. George knew that Annie was right, if they let him go anything he did afterwards was on them. In the end George had to do it.

The loss of the friendship between George and Mitchell is harder for me than the loss of the would-be relationship between Mitchell and Annie. It’s heartbreaking for all of them, even Nina who barely liked Mitchell at all, but George is the hardest to deal with for me. Right now I am a bundle of emotions and too scared to start season 4.


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