S3E6 || Being Human UK

Flashbacks are always a good start to an episode. I love being able to see how the vampire characters used to interact. I love seeing the history between the likes of Mitchell and Herrick rather than just hearing about it. Seeing that past juxtaposed with the current present of Mitchell force feeding Herrick blood and trying to found the information out of him is great at showing the change that has happened, the exchange of power.

George’s reaction to seeing his Dad’s name in the paper is heartbreaking because he just doesn’t really react. And it’s completely understandable that he go to the funeral even though he can’t be seen because everyone thinks he’s dead. Him seeing his Dad as a ghost is great because they are able to be reunited even though it is under these circumstances. It’s so good for them to be able to catch up, even though it means learning a lot of details George doesn’t necessarily want to know.

ahaha George’s Dad isn’t dead, so that’s amusing. Except two seconds later it’s really not. George’s Dad is so George’s Dad with the grammar correction. It becomes funny again when they manage to reunite George’s parents become reunited and then it’s cute.

That police lady is in Gotham now as Barbara. I had to IMDB her because her face was bothering me. Annie is so determined that Mitchell had nothing to do with the Box Tunnel and is terrified about the fact that Mitchell is being blamed for it. Mitchell is so shaken about it and in so much denial. It’s terrifying when Mitchell is telling the police lady about Daisy and the box tunnel scares me, he’s not lying, just omitting himself and all but there’s so much that can and is going to go wrong and nope do not want.

Herrick is a fucking creep and needs to stop. Get him away from the police lady. Shit he’s showing her the scrapbook. Nope nope nope. Not okay at all.

All i all this episode is less intense than the one before the everything is still leading up to Mitchell’s end and that is not something I am ever ever ever ever going to be okay with. That’s all for tonight.


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