TV Talk

S3E4+5 || Being Human UK


This episode was great because it was the return of McNair and Tom. Tom is such a lovely character and I can’t wait to reexplore everything of him. We get a glimpse of him in this episode but it’s nothing compared to everything we come to know. In this episode Tom is forced to realise that he’s not who he thinks he is and he wasn’t born a werewolf but rather was turned. We see his trust of McNair crack and breakdown.

Elsewhere this episode shows the attempted growth of Mitchell and Annie’s relationship and their desperation to keep it quiet. It’s awkward as hell when Annie suggests Mitchell getting a girl and Annie touching the girl to feel it and honestly I’m pretty glad it didn’t work out. Not a lot to say because all the thoughts are aimed at the next episode


So many things are going on in this episode but it can pretty much be summed up as a breakdown between the main four. Or rather, a breakaway. Mitchell’s own actions and Herrick’s manipulation of them all, causes everyone to pretty much turn against Mitchell in varying degrees.

George goes as far as to say that he will not tell his child about Mitchell if he goes through to this, that he will act as though he had never met him. Annie is furious at him but can’t bare to see him upset so relents somewhat. While Nina finds out about the Box Tunnel Massacre through Herrick giving her the scrapbook Mitchell has of all the newspaper clippings from it. Herrick is very carefully manipulating all four of them and none of them can really see it.

This episode is one that really feels like the beginning of the end for our quad and of course it is. It completely breaks my heart seeing Mitchell losing it. And I have so much admiration for this show for having a grown man crying about the fact that his best friend is threatening to stop being his friend. Male friendships are so important.


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