TV Talk

S3E3 || Being Human UK

This episode can basically be broken down into two main events: Nina’s pregnancy announcement. This episode gives us a deeper look into Nina’s past and a better idea of her relationship with George now. It is devastating to hear Nina talking about her abusive mother. Nina is such a lovely, caring person and she has been through so much. She deserves the rest. It’s painful to hear that she’s more scared of being a mother than being a werewolf. Nina needs protecting. And protection is not something this show offers.

I love that Nina is with George. George is, I think, the type of person Nina needs. Someone who, yes fucks up, but comes back, apologises, listens and works it out. It’s beautiful when Nina asks George is he wants to her a hairy little baby with her. It’s so lovely and so sad for me as someone who knows what is coming for them all.

The other main event is Sasha. The human who is dead but still has her body. She becomes Annie’s latest project as Annie literally cannot see someone suffering and not help them out. She’s so lovely. Sasha is an interesting character and although we don’t get a lot of her, it’s good to see other supernaturals and how the whole thing affects them.

Next episode brings Lia back I believe, so that’ll be good.


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