TV Talk

S3E2 || Being Human UK

This main focus of this episode is the young vampire Adam. His blood donor is his father but his father dies pretty early on in the episode, so it’s left to George and Nina who see him at the hospital to find somewhere for him to stay so he doesn’t go on some sort of kill rampage. Mitchell tells them of a place with a couple of other vampires but it turns out they are this racist, prejudice, stuck up people who try to get Adam to drain a human dry and then get involved in some sort of twisted sex thing. Nina and George thankfully make it in time which leads us to this wonderful  George moment. All in all, not a lot to say about this episode, it’s softer than episode 1 of the series and it does a lot to set the scene of the vampire situation in Wales. No McNair and Tom though, sad times. Onto episode three

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