TV Talk

S3 E1 || Being Human UK

Or as I like to call it, the beginning of the end. This is the season that ends with us losing one of the original trio. And rather than starting softly like a lot of series do, this one throws us right into guilt as Mitchell tries to deal with the consequences of the Box Tunnel Massacre. During this episode, Mitchell follows a dead man into purgatory to try and rescue Annie. While he is successful in the end, first he has to deal with Lia.

Lia is a 22-year-old woman who was killed by either Mitchell or Daisy in the massacre. She leads him round purgatory, not telling him who she is for a long time, allowing him to flirt and joke etc before eventually letting him know and showing her true feelings towards him. She doesn’t scream or shout or even get all that emotional. While she does snap a couple of times, for the most part, she is calm. She tells Mitchell about the people he’s killed, their families, their lives, etc, and about her own and what she wanted to do with her life. And she doesn’t let Mitchell get away with the excuses and displacement he tries. She also makes the first mention of the “Prophecy” regarding the Wolf-Shaped Bullet.

Elsewhere in this episode, we are first introduced to Tom and McNair. We knew little about them at this stage except that they are werewolves. There’s an illegal “dogging” area in which George is arrested and almost transforms in the police station but luckily Nina gets there in time. But George getting caught up in that means he isn’t able to find Tom and talk to him after seeing him in the woods. At this stage, we have no idea how important Tom is going to be, in fact I don’t think he’s name is even mentioned in this episode.

We also get an idea of the fucked up vampires in Barry Island. McNair is kidnapped just before the full moon and forced into a cage to fight as the wolf. He survives and Tom returns, killing the vampire nd getting McNair out. Nnow, onto episode two, I want more of Tom and I want to get to Hal, I also never want to get to Hal because of all the pain that comes between now and Hal


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