Movie talk

Logan (Spoilers throughout)

Everything about this film was wonderful but certainly not for the faint-hearted. It was hard to watch in terms of the level of violence; this film in no way held back. It holds a 15 certificate and there were a lot of moments that made me question why that wasn’t upped to an 18. From the beginning to the end this film was unyielding in its approach to violence. Spoilers under the cut

The film is also hard to watch in terms of emotional impact. The film is the end of the X-Men franchise that has been going for so long and it certainly feels like an ending. Showing us an ailing Charles Xavier, the brilliant man X-Men fans know and love shown with the pain of not having control over his mind. During the film, Charles is killed by someone who is the image of Logan but is not Logan. While Logan gets to him before he dies, gets him out of the building and tries to help him, it is hard to tell for definite if Charles is with it enough to understand that it wasn’t Logan that did that. After that, we’re also exposed to Logan’s grief. He attacks the car because he’s so angry and lost because of Charles’ death and his inability to save him. It’s hard watching.

However, the part that really broke me was Logan’s death himself. The growing relationship between Laura and Logan was strained and pained but it is clear they care for each other. We see a Logan who is so far removed from people and determined to stay out of everything and not get attached willingly get himself killed in order to protect this young girl and her friends. Laura calling him Dad and then Daddy as he is dying and there is nothing she can do to save him is the moment that had me in floods of tears. So many times Logan had screamed at her and all of them to go and she would not leave him.

In the course of this movie, that little girl lost the woman who saved her from the hurt and experimentation, gained a grandfather and father and lost both of them. The portrayal of Laura was stunning. She had a tragic background and was never really allowed to be human (“Don’t see them as children, see them as things”) but throughout the movie she goes from being silent and violent to more able to express her emotions and make attachments. Her journey is clear and it’s only just beginning. I am longing for a X23 movie in a few years time and I want the same actor to play Laura. The way the actor was able to convey emotions and feelings while not giving much away during Laura’s silent period was so powerful and I look forward to seeing more of her.

The cinematography of this film was beautiful was well. Beautiful almost feels like the wrong word because it was dark and gruesome and often I found myself half shielding my eyes from it. But it’s shot in a way that is beautiful to behold. As someone amateurly interested in the writing, filming and production of film this always appeals to me and this film did not disappoint.

The ending of this film was extremely symbolic and was described by friend as “the death of the xmen” which is exactly what it was. Laura speaking over Logan’s grave was heartwrenching however there being a cross over the grave didn’t feel right to me. But when Laura hung back, turned it over into an X, I literally gasped at the perfection. Such a simple movement added so much to the ending of the movie. This is not just the end of Charles Xavier, this is not just the end of The Wolverine, this is the end of the X-Men. This is everyone we know and love being gone, Magneto, Raven, Jean Grey, Rogue, all of them gone

All in all, I feel a little broken after seeing this film, I cried buckets from Logan’s death until the end of the film and the ending feels so abrupt that my friends and I were just left gaping at the screen in shock. However, this abruptness fits in with the film as a whole


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