TV Talk

S2E7 || Being Human UK

This episode brought with it the event that I had forgotten happened so soon. The Box Tunnel Massacre. In reaction to the explosion that killed many of the vampires in Bristol,  Mitchell teams together with Daisy and goes on a killing spree. First, they were just trying to find out who was responsible but then they went to straight out murdering a train full of people. Seeing that change in  Mitchell was heartwrenching. Mitchell has spent the best part of two seasons trying to be the opposite of what he became in that episode

The turn pretty much comes when Stephen the Coroner says about Lucy’s involvement. That’s the moment he gives up on humanity full stop. When he turns back, takes the weapon from Daisy and kills Stephen without even stopping to think you know that the Mitchell we love is gone.

In the episode, we also see the engagement and break up of George and Sam. I have never been a fan of this relationship because of how quickly it moved that made me uncomfortable all along and I’m almost glad it didn’t work out, even if I didn’t like the way it happened. Molly almost seeing  George change and then her screaming when she saw him was so heartbreaking to watch. Still, I’m glad it’s over. Sam is lovely but the relationship just screamed red flags.

Kemp was there being a twat once again, surprise, surprise. We see the return of Nina and eventually George and Annie going through to Kemp and Lucy’s place to try and get cured. The music at the end of this episode had a very calm and yet very sinister feeling to it hich was just perfect for the episode.

Onto the finale.


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