TV Talk

S2E8 || Being Human UK

In true season finale style, this episode sees us fear for the life of almost every character and yes that includes the one who is already dead. Throughout this series, we have seen the people from the other side trying to drag Annie through the door several times, with people saving her and even her learning to save herself. But in this episode, they are finally successful and we are left with an emotional goodbye from Annie to George and Mitchell. I  was close to tears with it even though I know that Annie comes back in series 4.

This episode also gives us the death of Tully. Although we don’t see him again, we see the note that he wrote to George in the cell warning him and we get confirmation later on that he was in fact killed by Kemp’s lot. Although Tully isn’t exactly likeable when we see him, it’s sad to find that he has been killed.

Mitchell continues being terrifying in this episode as he breaks in with his face full of blood with the threats of more murders and a few actual more murders. However, it’s Kemp that loses it completely in this episode. So far we’ve seen him as cold and calculating and charismatic but in this episode we see him go from that to right out crazy-murderer, putting him pretty much in the same place that Mitchell is in.

All in all an intense and heartwrenching episode. I look forward to starting s3 and maybe Tasha won’t notice if I skip the s3 finale.


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