Top Five Solve The World Episodes (So Far)

  1. Episode 85: 80 Hertz. The episode in which Jenn gets a diagnosis which makes perfect sense even if it’s not one that we can trust because of who gave it. It was a fantastic episode that made me feel all of Jenn’s mirage of emotions.
  2. Episode 67: The Glass House. I remember being on a bus on the way to work listening to this episode ad it was heartbreaking and terrifying and I genuinely felt a little panicked listening to it
  3. Episode 56: Jenny Dash is Mayor!! It was great seeing an episode from the Piper’s point of view. The attitude of the Piper was clear and made the episode tense and almost funny at times. The Piper tells us he’s not a storyteller and the tells a story and it’s so well put together.
  4. Episode One: Meet Jennifer Dash. The episode that starts off the entire show, it gives us Jenn, it’s calm and fun and really makes you think about where we learn things and our trust of them
  5. Episode 93: Jenna’s Story. It’s the episode that makes episode one so much more intense, so much more powerful and so much sadder, it’s the episode that shows us where Jenn has come from and it’s so much more horrible that we expected.

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