TV Talk

S2E6 || Being Human UK

Unexpected backstory starts off this episode as we see a young version of Kemp witnessing the death of a young woman and her young daughter. It’s clear from that to see how Kemp ended up how he is and I like that this show insists on showing you these things, everyone started somewhere. This show is terrifying in showing how far people will go, how much people get lost in the idea of themselves being right. This episode ends with Lucy giving Kemp her blessing on blowing up the vampires. It’s horrible to watch. Mitchell has them all gathered there, ready to hand over to Ivan and boom. Ivan is dead, I’m pretty sure since it says Daisy wants revenge. I am furious, I love Ivan.

Elsewhere in the episode Sam and George are moving way too fast. How could you move in with someone after a couple of weeks when you have a child. Wouldn’t you want to make sure it was going to work out? That kid needs stability. I don’t like this relationship at all, it’s too quick and makes me uncomfortable.

In this episode we also see Annie at a psychic show, helpig ghosts give final messages before moving on. Annie is so loving and caring and so stubborn, Ii would not want to mess with her like at all. We meet her Mum, who’s obviously heartbroken and there are some beautiful scenes here.


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