TV Talk

S2E5 || Being Human UK

A large section of this episode takes place as flashback. We see Mitchell in the 60s, meeting Josie for the first time. We see that their relationship certainly had a rocky start with him hiding in her flat after killing some people. We also see Herrick being the prized dick we always knew him to be. Josie is a beautiful person, just so lovely and kind and generous. She does so much that she could’ve just refused, she could’ve just turned away. It’s nice to see a younger Josie and to get more of her relationship with Mitchell.

What’s heartbreaking is seeing that same situation being repeated almost exactly nowadays with Lucy. The difference is this time Mitchell isn’t the only one trying to hide a secret, Lucy is hiding her involvement with Kemp. In this episode we see Mitchell ask both Lucy and Josie to help him, knowing that he needs a focus, a distraction, a reason to not drink and that he can’t do it alone.

The heartbreaking thing is George could very easily have helped, platonic relationships are as strong and important as romantic ones and it would be beautiful to see George helping out Mitchell in a way that you know Mitchell would drop everything to help him out. However, George is fairly selfish. George is the type of person to put a new relationship or a new friendship above the ones that have been there for him long term. And yes, he is a good person, and no he doesn’t mean to do it but sometimes he is a really shitty friend and this episode is one of those times. Although, if I were Sam in this episode, I would run for the hill with how fast George was moving the relationship, like red flags everywhere.

Elsewhere in the episode we had Annie meeting a ghost and her baby. From this we get adorable scenes that show all of our main three with the baby at one point or another. We see Mitchell talking about how he thought about kids before he was changed, we see Annie becoming hella broody and we see George talking about how he can have that eventually. And we get all of these beautiful images


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