TV Talk

S2E4 || Being Human UK

I really should’ve written this when I watched it but hey ho, let’s see what I remember. This episode adds to Ivan’s character, giving him a complexity beyond the simple fun loving person we first see him as. He seems genuinely upset about the fact that he can’t cope with going bloodless and he seems to be the only vampire Mitchell will talk to as an equal rather than talking dow to. But that doesn’t stop it being horrific and a little heartbreaking when we see that Mitchell gets a human and ties her up for Ivan to use

Lucy seems like a genuinely nice person even if she is working for  Kemp. Kemp is a very manipulative and charismatic person but I think he does believe that he is doing the right thing in trying to rid people of the wolf curse. It’s horrific and creepy and generally terrifying to behold. But it’s also heartbreaking because she is really falling for Mitchell because she sees the person, not the vampire

George tranquillising the wolf is really lovely to behold. He is so happy about it, genuinely feeling like he is free from the curse and that he is about to cope with it. He gets himself a new job that he thoroughly enjoys and even starts to fall for a new girl who is interested in him as well. But of course, it cannot be that easy for our George, having let the wolf sleep he finds a lot of pent up and uncontrollable anger within himself. He finds himself swearing a lot and not being able to stop himself and even ends up going as far as beating someone up. For someone as placid and genuinely lovely as George, this is horrific and leaves him wracked with guilt.

Annie meets Sykes. He closes the door that a newly dead person is trying to pull her through. Skyes is such an amazing character. Something I love about this show is that it gives us these characters that are only going to be there for one or two episodes, but they are interesting and well developed and real. They are as believable as the characters we’ve shared a series and a half with. Sykes died in the war, the first world war I think, and has been avoiding doors because of a terror of what’s on the other side. He teaches Annie to close them and in the end we even see her closing a door that tries to take her. It’s so creepy, we see murdered Annie taunting ghost Annie into crossing, but our Annie is brave and strong and has no time for that shit



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