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S2E3 || Being Human Uk

Okay, so I watched this episode last night but I was too tired to write my thoughts about it. Instead, I write some basic notes to remind myself what happened. So here we go.

Compared to episode 2 this one was a lot less intense throughout, there weren’t any great speeches about humanity, there wasn’t a threat to the secret of the Vampires, there wasn’t anyone trying to drag Annie into a wall, no relationships were breaking out. A lot of this episode felt like fall out:

Annie was reacting to the whole Saul situation. She’s gone back to being ‘ghostly’, she feels her heart break as Hugh isn’t able to see her at all. She’s not just struggling with Hugh not being able to see her but the fact that now only George, Mitchell and the no-longer-there Nina will be able to. She won’t be able to have any other company. it’s so sad for her. She’s such a loving and kind person, she deserves better.

Mitchell joins the vampires, knowing that someone has to try and take control of the situation that is beginning to get out of control. He also tries to work with the chief constable of the police. And in the end he gets the coroner to agree to work with them, even if it is through blackmail/manipulation. We also see a continuation of his budding relationship with Lucy in the most awkward date of all time.

George is ‘dealing’ with Nina leaving. Or rather, staying in bed and letting that and everything else stop him from moving or even get out of bed. Annie and George together help Huge get back with his ex, helping them both to realise they miss each other.

Even the phone call between Nina and George is fall out because we see the result of her going with the Creepy Religious Dude [I really need to learn his name at some point].

I don’t think it would’ve worked to have the same level of intensity as the episode before, however, this episode doesn’t let up completely. That I think would’ve led to it being somewhat boring and weak. Towards the end it, the intensity explodes again. Mitchell at the Funeral Parlour with the other vampires and him smashing Cara’s face in is really horrific to see. There is no mercy, no relenting, he just does it. It’s horrific.

And then there’s the ending. Holy Plot Twist Batman. I forgot that Lucy was with the Creepy Religious Dude. I really liked her!


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