TV Talk

S2E2 || Being Human UK

This episode introduces us to Carl, and I think it’s the only time we see him even though he doesn’t end up dying. Carl is not a “bad” vampire but he’s just killed his boyfriend, leaving him in a really bad place mentally. We see the struggle at Mitchel understands his perspective because he is a vampire who has killed, etc, but also everyone else – like Nina and George – who don’t want to accept a murderer into their home.

In this episode, we’ve also got more of the creepy religious dude. He’s put a bug in the house and is listening out for information and ends up approaching Nina because he believes she will be able to help him with his “cause”.

There’s is a progression in Lucy’s character and her budding relationship with Mitchell. Lucy is a great personality, fun and serious and just someone I can imagine being friends with and having a great laugh with.

This episode shows us Annie falling for Saul and once again being used. This is probably my own criticism with the show, at least so far. We’re currently 8 episodes in and currently, Annie has been physically/mentally abused by Owen to the point where he killed her, come onto in a way that she wasn’t comfortable with by Tully and almost raped by Saul. Now, I understand the whole ‘people often fall for simple people’ argument and I know IRL cases where this is true, but also like it’s a little repetitive and lazy? like please use something different.

That being said the scenes with Saul and Annie after his death is fantastically written and acted. It’s also well shot, with great use of lighting and soundtrack, which is something this show is superb at. I was genuinely scared for Annie in those moments, even though I know what happens in her character arc.

Nina leaving at the end is sad, George not reading the letter but just looking at it there and knowing, along with Mitchell trying to make her stay but understand why she can’t. Everything about that was spot on.



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