95 The Hope We Compromise || Solve The World

Episode 95: The Hope We Compromise

I was supposed to write this two weeks ago but if there is anything to be learnt from my erratic blogging it’s that I cannot be trusted to write things when I am supposed to. This episode starts with dramatic as heck music and Dante telling us about the different parts that a person plays within their life. The quote comes from As You Like It once again showing us that Dante pulls inspiration from everywhere.

After the Solve the World title credits, we’re given a snapshot of a couple we don’t know. Mrs Willoughby is woken in the night by a thud only for her husband to dismiss it. “Probably false security must likely but when you’re lucky enough to feel secure does it really make a difference if that sense of security is valid or not” I really love that line, like a lot. Finally, Mr Willoughby comes out after hearing his wife scream and they see the corpse of someone they know and Mr W makes the decision to ignore it.

We get back to Jenn now and we are in Japan. I adore Japan and I really want to go there and this episode is not helping that at all. Although, I definitely don’t want to go there for the same reasons that Jenn. I adore the fan song about Jenn Dash, it’s so fun and awesome. “Silent and as of yet peaceful” ha, Dante, way to make us worry. I think I would also get bored of just waiting on a boat if Japan was there right in front of me.

I love the inclusion of the lack of internet. A post-Internet world is very different to the internet world and it’s probably even very different to the pre-internet world because it’s a world that knew the internet, knew instant worldwide information and has lost it again. “Anarchy is a breath away” is how I feel about the world generally. Have  I mentioned I don’t trust Mr Smith one tiny little bit?  The way he goes around asking for a kiss and talking about the way he would look after her is so creepy. Jenn literally pointed out

Have  I mentioned I don’t trust Mr Smith one tiny little bit?  The way he goes around asking for a kiss and talking about the way he would look after her is so creepy. Jenn literally pointed out that he’s too old for her and it’s clear she’s uncomfortable and he just continues with it. He’s so much nope.  OH MY GOD NO. Really. He’s manipulating her into kissing her with the Balaam. Nope. Hahaha, I hate him so much.

Oh god, there is a priest, why is there a priest. I like the way  Jenn being high is written. She doesn’t have the first clue what is going on and Mr Smith what the actual fuck. No, you do not propose to what is essentially a teenager with no control of even her senses. Nope. Fucking nope.

Father Thomas returning into this is like a breath of relieve. I have security and I don’t care if it is a false one. Father Thomas is a good person. He will help. Right? He genuinely wants to keep Jenn safe so that’s okay, right?

“Thinking was a struggle, thinking straight was damn near impossible” Jenn is so not okay right now and I want to kill Mr Smith for using her while she is in this state. “Think twice before judging a drug addict, given the right formula of mental anguish, you yourself are but a tiptoe away, there is seduction right around the corner and she is veiled head to toe” Isn’t it terrifying to think that all of us are so close to having some sort of addiction.

Oh Jenn, baby, she needs someone who’s not trying to get with her, someone who’s not trying to use her, someone who’s generally just going to look after her and keep her safe. She has been used and manipulated and blackmailed and attacked by pretty much everyone she has meant and she deserves better.

The flashback to Atticus’ wedding which is broken forward to “the two were wed” is so powerful, it’s haunting and creepy and have I mentioned I hate Mr Smith? Father Thomas finally gets there but oh gosh he’s too late and he’s so hurt by it. SHIT PLEASE DON’T KILL FATHER THOMAS, he deserves better. Please?

Jenn, oh gosh. They are being taken captive. They’re taking them all. Father Thomas feels like a failure this is so horrible. I am genuinely so scared right now?!

Whoa. Sudden tone change. 50 People I Pity cut in. This is so quick and cheery and harsh. This is so cruel to Jenn after everything she has been through this is completely unfair to her. No. No, Jenn is not a bad person and not knowing what she wants is not a bad person. I will not accept this shit about my Jenn. She is a survivor, she is a survivor. Okay, wow, the add-in of Robin and  Mary Margaret and the glass house is horrific. But it’s not Jenn’s fault that all of these things have happened, she wasn’t in control of any of these things. Huh, I never considered that Jenn had an addiction before, she really did, but people fall into the same thing again and again, it’s how humanity works. Wow, that entire scene was horrible.

Hope beyond hope.

The music is really soft and tense now, as Mr  Smith tries to break them out. Oh my god. Mr Smith got shot. I mean he 100% had it coming and deserved it but holy shit um… Jenn and Father Thomas are now just in there with a dead body and the blood and ick nope!!! Holy shitttttt.


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