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S2E1 || Being Human UK

Starting off Series 2 we get a darker feel. While Series 1 was pretty light throughout the most of it. It tackled dark subject matter but it did them in a very watchable and light way. Series 2 feels darker from the very beginning. The episode starts with George being attacked but he’s not taking any of it. He fights right back. The power Mitchell has within the vampires is clear as well from the panicked tone Daisy has and the way Ivan just stops at “It’s Mitchell”.

From this opening, we are shown that George has been left with a lot of trauma from the events of series 1. He’s still that sensitive man we know and love but he’s also completely done with the world and not going to roll over and show his belly anymore. But also we see a level of desperation within him and the same weakness of will that he had early in series 1 with Tully. This time it’s Daisy and rather than changing his behaviour and attitude, he turns into a cheating dick.

Elsewhere in this episode, Nina is coming to terms with being changed by George. She is left feeling completely abandoned by him as he tries to explain that she is struggling with this world that she’s been thrown into and he doesn’t want to hear it. However, we see a strengthening of the friendship between Annie and Nina and that is a wonderful thing to watch. A lot of shows aren’t’ good at showing friendships and relationships, especially within the same group of people. Being Human is not one of those shows. Annie and Nina support and help each other, while Annie refuses to choose between Nina and George.

This episode also reinforces the idea that Mitchell is a hopeless romantic. He falls for people so quickly and honestly, I think he would be a great partner. The type who would listen to you, but not take any bullshit, who’d treat you like a princess but remind you he’s a fucking prince as well. We get introduced to Lucy in this episode and she’s wonderful.  She’s a bit of a wreck and ends up offloading to this cute Irish guy she’s only just met. She’s sweet and funny and so lovely. I can’t remember how her storyline ends though and that scares me.

This episode also gives us Ivan and Daisy. The Vampire pair who are just fucking their way through life. Ivan and Daisy are both manipulative fun lovers who don’t seem to see what is wrong with the lifestyle they are living. Ivan feels it a duty to get rid of the person who killed Herrick. While Daisy, we see later on, seems desperate to have fun to stop herself from thinking. We see Daisy with her daughter who is old and dying, see her trying to remove all strings with her human life and knowing that she can’t truly. I love forward to more of this pair.

And Annie gets herself a job. As Mitchell says “The disembodied spirit of a dead woman working in the service industry, what could go wrong?” Well, in this episode nothing, but I remember enough to remember that Saul is trouble. I completely understand Annie’s need to get a job but also logistically there are so many problems with it, given that she is literally dead.

Away from the main three – or I should say main four now because Nina is one of the main characters now – we see the Hyper-Religious Guy who is seemingly trying to find a cure for the Werewolf curse. However, he is perfectly happy to just allow the person he is testing on to bleed out. The guy is very charismatic, a fine talker who seems extremely trustworthy, but too trustworthy. We saw him at the end of series 1 with  Owen and we know he’s going to be trouble when he’s in the pink house at the end of this episode.



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