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S1E5 ||Being Human Uk

This episode, unlike the couple before it, doesn’t have a clear focus on one character. It’s important and telling for both Annie and Mitchell. For Annie is shows us how kind and caring she is. We see her trying to haunt Owen and coming across more has adorable than terrifying.

Knowing that she can’t just leave Janey in a relationship she knows not to be safe, Annie goes to her after failing just with Owen. She tells her the truth about what happened and we see from Janey’s face, from her odd little comment that Owen is treating her the same way he treated Annie. We also see that Janey is trapped by the relationship from the way she runs to Owen when he gets back.

Annie is such a kind and caring person and I’m glad that by the end of this episode, she is able to get to Owen. It’s really frustrating that we don’t get to know what she said to Owen but I feel like not knowing adds to it. I personally believe she said something about what is on the other side after death but the exact words, I don’t think are important.

Elsewhere in the episode, Mitchell is falling apart. He had bumped into an old girlfriend from about forty years back. She’s aged and worse than that she is dying. But she’s married and it’s clear from what she says and the way she looks that she has had a happy life. She is a lovely lady and we can see that it ended amicably between them. They are both over the moon to see each other. I can’t remember if we see Josie again but I hope we do. (And I’m not just saying that because I want to hear Aidan turner saying my name more often)

Mitchell is caught up with Herrick and what pretty much is a cult of vampires. He goes in and I think he truly believes it when he tells George it’s different now. From this episode, I get the feeling that Mitchell is an idealist. He believes in things, in people, in ideas and believes they can work out. But also from this episode, and from previous episodes, we know that Mitchell is a realist. His feet are firmly on the ground and he knows what people are like. But he puts his faith in them anyway. And it gets crushed. Mitchell is forced to realise and admit that it is exactly what it used to be.

The friendship between the three of them is so important. George who’s a very sensitive and physically weak person and Annie, who is a literal ghost, are ready and willing to storm into a Vampire Headquarters and fight to get Mitchell out of there. They don’t know the first thing about fighting and if George wasn’t a religious man they probably wouldn’t have even got passed Seth. And if that’s not true friendship, I don’t know what is.

This episode also made me realise how much I feel for Lauren. She is a fantastic character and we don’t see nearly enough of her. She is cocky and sarcastic, but she’s so lost and sensitive. She doesn’t want this life, she never did. In the end, she does the right thing. She helped Mitchell get out and in doing so, she knows there is no place for her. She can’t be human, she can’t fight what she is, but she can’t be with the vampires anymore. Death is literally the only option for her. It’s sad to watch but it’s impossible not to understand why she does it. I would rather be dead than have to live as a vampire.

With Owen finally dealt with Annie has the chance to finally pass over. Her door appears and we see the different reactions from George and Mitchell. George literally asks her to stay, while Mitchell understands why she has to go. They both love her so much and she loves them. But also she has to move on.

Except. Fucking Herrick. Now, I remembered that’s door appeared in this episode, but I couldn’t remember why she didn’t go through it. This episode ends with Mitchell on the floor, with a stake in his chest and himself bleeding out, eyes panicked. It’s heartbreaking. Now, I know and remember enough to know Mitchell doesn’t die until much later on, but it’s still horrible to see.


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