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S1E4 || Being Human UK

S1E4 || Being Human UK

So far, this episode is the hardest to watch. We see a softer side of Mitchell and realise how much of a parent he is. There’s a complete innocent to the relationship between Mitchell and Bernie. He is literally just a good guy who has made friends with a kid who reminds him of himself as a child. And then everything goes to shit again.

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This episode had the potential to be a really good day for Mitchell. He was making friends with the neighbours, he was getting the chance to be able to mess around and do normal human things. And even when Bernie gets hurt and is bleeding, Mitchell is okay with it. It should be a major thing for the vampire who’s been trying to stay away from blood for so long.

But so quickly it gets warped into something horrible. Bernie doesn’t know who Laurel and Hardy are and Mitchell, so caught up in the moment, that the porn disk that Lauren sent him is in one of the dvds. Of course, the one the young boy finds. Everything gets out of control and the house is left being attacked by the entire neighbourhood. The house is graffitied and Mitchell is banned from the local shop. He can’t walk down the streets without being verbally abused

It’s an interesting comment on community and a hive mindset. Of course, it is completely understandable the way they are acting and it’s a nice comment on humanity that so many people are against that sort of behaviour. But of course, Mitchell is one of our protagonists, so we are forced to see it from his side and he is innocent of these claims. He is never given the chance to explain himself or even deny it.

I adore this show because it makes comments on humanity. It’s about what it means to be human and it doesn’t try to sugar-coat it. Four episodes in, we’ve explored domestic abuse, paedophilia, false accusations.  And that’s just the main themes that have been thrown up. In the background, we have relationship issues, cults, abandonment. This show is perfect because it doesn’t skirt issues, it throws them up and forces us to take notice of them.

I’m not sure I agree with Mitchell’s decision at the end. At the hospital, Fleur asks Mitchell if he’d want that for a child but in the end he changes Bernie anyway. It’s a development from the woman he let die at the end of episode 1 because he didn’t want another Lauren. This time, I feel, he couldn’t bare the thought of one so young and full of life losing that life. Even if, I think, he cursed him in the end because of it.


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