TV Talk

S1E2 || Being Human UK

While episode one introduces us to all of the characters and show us that Mitchell is not in any way a hero, episode two has a large focus on George. Mitchell and Annie still have an important role to play. Mitchell struggles with his bloodlust while Annie struggled the solidity of her form. But George was the main focus of this episode.

It’s beautifully telling of his character. He is a kind person but he’s also a desperate person. When someone is desperate for something, they tend to believe the first sign that it is coming. George is desperate to know someone who is a werewolf, someone who understands what he is going through and can help him not be ashamed or scared of it. When he meets Tully, he throws himself into that friendship because he thinks it is right. He’s easily manipulated by the other because he’s being given exactly what he thinks he wants.

He accuses Mitchell of being a bad friend because he doesn’t want him to be himself. What he learns by the end of the episode is that Mitchell is the one who allows him to be himself, Tully was just turning him into a miniature version of himself, cocky, arrogant and creepy.

However, at the end of the day, in this episode, George has the chance to be heroic and he takes it. There is something desperately chilling about George walking out of the building when Tully is hanging from the noose. It’s horrific knowing that he has the power to let another man die or not. Watching it there’s a part of me that’s like ‘just leave’ and that’s scary to admit to because that is another human life. He may be a dick and a perv but he’s still a person. But George does go back, he saves his life because that’s the person George is. He’s desperate and sad and kind and loving and ultimately a good person.

At the end when the three of them get their reconciliation. It’s a wonderful scene. I ship Annie and Mitchell so much because I believe you should be friends with your partner and the three of them are the greatest of friends. They have the sort of friendship that wouldn’t allow two of them being a thing to stop the friendship between all of them.



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