TV Talk

S1E1 || Being Human UK


My friend Tasha had the idea that the two of us rewatch Being Human UK and blog about it as we are doing so. We are doing this on tumblr as that allows us to live blog and put out thoughts and feelings down as we are watching. However, I am also writing an episode overview after each other, so I wanted to share that on here as well.

I really forgot how much I love this show and I’m so happy to find that I still love it when rewatching it. Going back to an old love is always terrifying because there is the potential of it not being as good as you remember or finding that in hindsight there are a lot of flaws that you’ve overlooked or just simply that you’ve grown out of it.

I have not grown out of Being Human. With hour-long episodes, it’s a commitment to watch if you’re easily distracted or what have you, but it is definitely worth that commitment.

This first episode sets up the three main characters so well. In just one hour, we get a clear idea of what has happened for all of them to end up here. We get an idea of what they are like as people. We know that Mitchell is cocky and arrogant but loveable and so caring. We know that George is full of guilt and wants to hide what he is. We know that Annie is a loving and caring person with a need for normality and to be loved.

In seeing Mitchell changing a girl and allowing another to die, we see that our characters aren’t heroes. But seeing the tear within him shows us that neither are they villains. They are just… human.


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