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E1E3 || Being Human UK

This episode is so important. Not only does it give us the story of how Annie came to be a ghost, but it tackles the subject matter so well. Annie eventually has a flashback, showing the lead up to her death. Annie is forced to remember that the love of her life and her fiance was the one who killed her. After a fight in which he slams her against the wall, calls her all sorts of names and accuses her of shit she didn’t do, he ends up pushing her down the stairs and because of the angle of the stairs, the fall kills her.
In the aftermath of remembering this, Annie feels like she is to blame, she comments on how she must be annoying and unloveable. But the characters surrounding her are quick to tell her it was him that was the problem and not her. I feel like they tackled the subject tactfully and sensitively. It’s not a big part of the show but they also didn’t brush it off as a minor issue because it’s not, not at all.

Moving on to happier things, though. This is a loveable episode because it gives us Gilbert.

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How could anyone not love him? Been a ghost since 1985, still listening to the music of the time, a wannabe rebel with a big heart, who needed to fall in love and help someone out before he was able to move on? With his awkward-dancing-with-a-tree moments and his gentle just taking her hand and not pushing her, he’s so wonderful and loveable.

Elsewhere in this episode, we see Lauren rearing her annoying head. I do feel for her a fair bit in this episode. She is young as a person but she’s nothing short of a baby as a vampire and I do genuinely think she wants to straight, but she’s manipulated by Herrick’s lot and Mitchell isn’t a whole load of help to her. I adore Mitchell and I find Lauren really annoying, but I do feel for her here.

This episode also introduces to George and Nina as a couple. I had forgotten how early on in the series that happens. Nina is a fantastic character and she is very different to Annie and I love that. I love this show and I love Toby Whithouse.


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