Episode 94: Found In The Mist || Solve The World

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This episode starts off right where episode 93 left off. Father Thomas wants to know what has happened to the Jennifer Dash he knew and Mr Smith is very amused at the fact that this little girl almost killed him.

There’s something really disconcerting about the laughter that comes. They are in a situation that couldn’t be less ideal, and suddenly, after a few shots, they are all laughing. It’s believable, of course, sometimes in the worst of situations, you are just laughing. Nothing is funny and suddenly everything is. It’s sad and desperate and so so funny.

The deviation from Jenn’s chronological story made me think we were going to get something more of her past, but hey ho, here comes John Locke. I love the way Dante adds in little things like that. Like when we got the information about the Roman Decimation. It’s related information but it also shows us how smart our author is.

It’s a really interesting thought process, the idea of whether or not a person is an empty vessel. I think I agree with Jenn and not believe in it. In relation to Jenn, it’s most interesting. Jenn has become so many different people during her journey, all of which have been somehow caused by before. She isn’t just what she had been through, she’s something that is already there. “You’re not born blank” is something that I think I agree with. It’s not a concept I’ve thought of before but I think I agree with it. It’s a nature vs nurture thing, the same thing could happen to two different people and they could react completely different because of who they are naturally.

I cannot believe that Jenn is a villain. I cannot accept that. I cannot. Oh man. Jenn, he’s called Robin. The little boy in Leitchenstein is called Robin. Jenn. Forgetting his name doesn’t make you a villain. Oh god. This is horrific. The thought process in Jenn’s head screams of an addict trying to make sense of it. It’s heartbreaking and so intense.

I do not trust Mr Smith one little bit. He talks about being hired to keep her safe but there’s something about him… He’s still been chasing her, still been following her. He’s so creepy.

“Whatever we are, we become more of that over time” I like that line a lot.

Ladders? That’s… I don’t know what to make of it. And I don’t know what I would do if I saw it. I don’t know if I would ignore it or climb it. I don’t know that I would be brave enough to go up something with an unknown destination but also I don’t know if  I’d be able to ignore it there, taunting, teasing, knowing that I could just climb it and try to find out. I honestly don’t know what I’d do in that situation.

“It doesn’t force you to climb it, it doesn’t ask you to do anything”

But isn’t that worse? It’s easier to refuse to do something when it tries to force you. But when it says and does nothing and just sits there… That’s harder. That is more taunting.

The idea that all accounts of activity would be missing is so strange. It reminds me of that day in 1930 when the BBC said there was no news.

No, no. Mr Smith, you are not in love with Jennifer Dash. You don’t know anything about her.  You might be slightly infatuated but that isn’t love. Oh god, “With a few turns of the screw, he could have her”. Nope. Nope. You utter creep, go to hell.



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