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Corpse Bride || Halloween Watch 2016

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Having seen A Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline and Frankenweenie I had no doubt I would love another dark, animated Tim Burton film. And I was right. The animation style in Tim Burton’s films is so iconic that it is almost impossible for me not to adore everything that comes out with it.

Colour is very cleverly used in this film. It is not solely black and white but there is a large portion of it that is. Emily – the Corpse Bride herself – is one of the only things that is in obvious colour. This contrasts her as a dead being with the living ones who are all in black and grey.

Emily at times in this movie reminds me of Sally in Nightmare before Christmas. They are both the females of the dark love story, both out of place in some way. Sally has been made but feels for herself while Emily is a corpse who feels she can’t compete with a living being. There is a moment with flowers that is very reminiscent of each other.


Image result for emily corpse bride gif roses for eternal love
Image result for sally nightmare before christmas gif

The film was wonderful, definitely one I could watch over and over.



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