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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory || Halloween Watch 2016.

I have to admit when it comes to this story, nothing beats the 1971 film and Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka. However, I do still thoroughly enjoy this film. It is very different to the original and I like that about it, that it doesn’t try to be the same thing. I was happy to watch this one as part of the Halloween watch as it comes from the delightfully weird mind of Tim Burton.

One of my favourite scenes from this movie is when Verruca Salt is with the squirrels and they decide she is a bad nut. The song – along with all the songs in the movie – is fun as well as funny, and there is a great childish humour in seeing her father pushed down by a squirrel kicking his backside.

Dark, twisted, and funny, this film is beautifully Tim Burton. It’s not one of my go-to films and it’s not one I would have chosen to watch is it wasn’t for wanting to see as much Tim  Burton as possible in this Halloween Watch. However, having rewatched, I am reminded of what it was I loved about it when I first saw it. It is a fresh take and it’s still very enjoyable.

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