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Labyrinth and The Witches || Halloween Watch 2016

Yesterday brought with it the watching of two Halloween films, a personal favourite and a classic to remember


When talking about Labyrinth, I find it impossible to do so without posting this video. David  Bowie singing anytime is perfect, but add it to him with Jareth’s hair and a collection of goblins and it is irresistible. You remind me of the Babe… 

Labyrinth is a wonderful film for people of all ages. I know one of my Brownies – who’s 9 – loves it, I love it and my Mum loves it. There is really no generational issue. Labyrinth is 30 years old this year and has aged so well. In another 30 years, I think it will still watch well. I can’t even imagine not enjoying this film.

Initially, I was gripped because Sarah was a character I related to. Okay, I don’t think so poorly of my family situation but I have the same love for fairy tales and stories. Perhaps not as life-consumingly but I could relate to Sarah, although I do find her rather dramatic. Still, she is loveable and I’m rooting for her as she works through the labyrinth.

Although it has to be said, that I cannot hate Jareth. He is an addictive personality and though he may be a creepy, he’s still loveable

Image result for jareth love me fear me

The  Witches

Roald Dahl was such a big part of my children, I both read and watched his stories with a particular love for Matilda and the Twits. The Witches wasn’t one of my favourites, but then again, Halloween and creepy things, in general, was something I avoided as a child. Watching this film I realised I had seen it before, I had vague memories of certain scenes and its general feel.

Only this time I loved it. A young boy, his feisty Grandmother and Morticia Addams playing the Grand High Witch in a story by Roald Dahl? What’s not to love?

Image result for the witches gif


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