Book talk

The Alpha and His Ace || Ana J Pheonix


Summary: I am an Alpha werewolf who has been looking for his mate. Until I find him (yes, I am gay, my pack is pretty much open to sexuality), I am allowed to have fun with other guys. I’m known as a player but that’s okay because once I find my mate, my wolf and I will be truly monogamous. Then I find him. My mate  But then my mate says that he is an asexual. What the hell? What does he mean, asexual? Does he mean that I cannot have sex with him ever? That he will never enjoy sex with me? How can I make him fall in love with me then?

Rating: 2/5

Thoughts: I got this books between Sandra from Asexualise put it on her facebook page that it has an Asexual character and it was currently free on Amazon Kindle. It was a short book and easy to get through. The author clearly has a knowledge of what asexuality is and that was good to see within a story. However, I really didn’t connect with this story in any way. I cannot stress enough how good it is to have an asexual character in something, I just wish I could’ve enjoyed the story a bit more.

Brandon – or Bran – is the main character and story teller, he is 25 years old and the Alpha of a wolf pack. He talks about how humans don’t like/approve of wolves, but this is literally told to us once and never mentioned again or explored. Aidan seems completely unaware of wolves existing and there is no real reaction to him finding out about them. However, continuing with Bran for a moment. He is 25 but he reads more as 15 or 16 and there are no real signs of him being the Alpha. The pack seems only to be a couple of ‘Asswolves’ who want to take his Alpha position and they never seem to do anything except run through the forest. I think that could’ve been explored a lot more and ageing the way Bran came across, would probably have helped me connect with the story more as it would’ve drawn me in more.

I’ve mentioned before that Aidan has no real reaction to Bran transforming in front of him. This I think would’ve made for an interesting conflict between the two of them, something like I’m only Asexual, you’re a bloody wolf sort of thing. However, he just seemed to exist to be asexual. He liked photography and rode a motorcycle but these felt somewhat like they were just thrown in so he had something. Brandon’s reaction to the asexual thing was there at least which I liked. But it was just a case of him doing research on AVEN and reading articles on there.

All in all, I think if this had been longer and more explored then I really would’ve enjoyed it but it needed more and it didn’t give it so I didn’t particularly enjoy it.


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