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Lonely Cities || Tigertown

My friend Shawn showed me this music video today and I knew I had to talk about it. I hadn’t heard or seen anything by Tigertown before but I’m glad he introduced them to me now. This music video is both beautiful and clever. The type of clever that you appreciate the first time, then notice more and more little details as you rewatch and rewatch.

The music video follows a guy and a girl as she seems to move from New York to LA away from him and they both miss each other desperately. The video takes part in three rectangles in the middle of the screen. The left depicts the girl, the right the guy and the middle the band.

1Throughout the music video, whatever is happening on the left is complemented some way by what is happening on the right or vice versa. This can be seen in the screenshot to the left, where she experiences a blue world where she is pink, while he experiences a pink world where he is blue. There are many examples of this, however, including when she drops her scarf out a car window and his bike is then hit by a scarf. Towards the end of the music video, the couple seems to become aware that this thing is happening between them. While she picks petals of a rose, he finds rose petals falling on him. When she blows on a windmill, his hair moves as though in the wind. When she paints, his book is covered in paint. Eventually, he picks up the petals and throws them back causing them to fall over her.

The pair comes to realise that they should be able to get to each other. They physically 5
move their apartment doors and step through them. For the first time, the rest of the screen comes into use, with them walking along the black areas above and below the clips. They never get to the same areas however, she is underneath when he gets to her apartment, he is above when she gets to his. At the end of this, they return to their respective areas defeated and accepting they can’t get back to each other.

This video plays on the emotions of the end of a relationship that neither side wants to end. It reminds the watcher that sometimes it’s not each other but rather circumstance that gets in the relationship. The ending pulls on the heartstrings as the situation isn’t resolved, the two of them are still separated and unable to get to the same place. It’s easy to imagine that this distance is emotional rather than physical as well if they are in different places mentally it could have an affect on their ability to be together.

Even aside from the storyline, the video is a beauty to behold. Throughout it uses the beat of the song, colour, and clip positioning to evoke the excitement and heartache that is within the song and the story. I would recommend this to anyone who appreciates the style of music videos, it’s well worth the time.


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