Expectations for Episode 80 || Solve the World

Episode 80 – The End of All Things – is on my phone ready and waiting for me to listen to it. However, before I do so, I want to give some speculation about what I think might happen in this episode.

  1. We will see Leviathan. Whether that be as a hulking great sea monster or in some sort of humanoid form that can speak to our cast of characters, I’m not sure, but I’m almost certain Leviathan will be there.
  2. Someone will die, my worry is Miles, only because the Piper has connections to Miles and I can imagine someone he is close to being killed as the Piper tries to right things.
  3. Lilith Babbit will return – and be Piper’s Lilith. I’ve never believed we’d seen the end of Lilith and I feel in this episode we will see her again.

Of course, there is every chance I am miles out (pun intended) but these are the speculations I have, based solely on relistening to episode 79 The Talk.


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