Episode 79: The Talk || Solve the World

Today is bringing with it the “season finale” of part three of Solve the World, so  I figured it was about time I wrote about the penultimate episode The Talk. In this episode we have left Jenn, Atticus, Scout, Marshall and the entire storyline. This episode does not exist to move the physical actions of the story on, but rather exists to explain to us the backstory, to tell us who the Piper is and who the Shining Man is.

And holy mother of plot twists. Did anyone see this coming? I sure as hell didn’t.

The episode takes us on a journey with the Piper as he goes into a Bar, finds a random drunkard and just starts talking. As he is talking, we learn how old the Piper is, as old as humanity. He is Adam. He is the first man, he has been walking with his “friend” who is clearly  God. Later the Piper talks about his “friend” leaving him, which speaks volumes of the world and of individuals feeling abandoned and left by God, by protection, by paradise.

In addition to the first man, Adam, the Piper, we have the first woman in this episode. Lilith rather than Eve. Lilith who the Piper insists had her reasons for joining the Shining Man and is not a bad person. Lilith, of course, is a part of Christian lore in some ways. There are theories that she was Adam’s first wife, who came before Eve. In Solve the World she comes instead of Eve. In this story, Eve is not a name but rather a title, Lilith is an Eve, a woman.

Any correlation because Lilith Babbit and Adam’s wife are left for you to reckon with yourself.

Challenge accepted, Dante.

Lilith must be Lilith Babbit, there is no way a storyteller such as Dante Stack, who has created this entire world, so much lore, so much backstory, would have a character named Lilith and not have this be connected. Throughout parts one and two, Lilith was a questionable character, I cannot have been alone in being unsure for a very long time what her motives were and whether she was good or bad. Of course, when it got to Robin, the lost boy of Lichtenstein, I had made my decision and believed her to be a bad person.

However, us believing Lilith to be bad does not mean that she is not Piper’s Lilith. The Piper, a man who is as old as time itself, sees a bigger picture than we do. Will we see a small boy who did not deserve to die, a family who had already been through so much to save him. The Piper however, will see the necessity of getting to the other world, he has an understanding of what Lilith were doing.

I cannot believe that Piper’s Lilith and Lilith Babbit are different people. I cannot.

However, I have been skating over the major plot twist of this episode, the huge revelation that I personally never saw coming. The revelation of the Shining Man. Piper says to the drunkard – to us – that the name we will most recognise for him is the Latin one.


The Shining Man is quite literally the Devil. The Piper tells us he’s evil, that he is literally what evil is. There’s something haunting about the Piper talks, when he tells that if we kill, we make a packed with the  Shining Man, that we go to him. If we hate our brother, if we become slaves to addiction, we go to him. The Piper speaks of how the older we get the more likely to are to end up going to him. It almost feels as though he is saying there is no way to avoid it.

No way except for the return of Leviathan.

Bring on episode 80.


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