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Ten Books You’d Buy Right This Second If Someone Handed You A Fully Loaded Gift Card

I saw a couple people on WordPress doing this Top Ten thing and went to explore TheBrokeandTheBookish and thought I would jump on the bandwagon with this week’s question. Of course the question is bloody difficult but hey, that’s the fun in it right. So, I’m going with the assumption that money’s no object in this giftcard because some books are different prices.

  1. Doctor Who Fairy Tales. I’ve been looking at this book and flicking through this book for so long and it looks utterly amazing. I seriously want to read it. I love fairy tales so much and I love Doctor Who, so it sounds so perfect.
  2. Welcome To Night Vale: The Novel. Now I’ve got this on Audible but I really want a physical copy as well because it’s such a perfect book, with so many amazing lines and I just want to be able to touch it and flick through and read extracts.
  3. You Are Now Less Dumb. I haven’t read You Are Not So Smart yet but  I adore the podcasts so yeah.
  4. One. A friend recommended it and it’s written entirely in poems, it looks so good.
  5. If I Was Your Girl. I loved love loved The Art of Being Normal and this seems to be a similar subject matter.
  6. Midnight Bites. Because Morganville Vampires is amazing and I need to get around the reading the short stories.
  7. Gotham City Sirens Part 2. I’ve read part one and need to continue it.
  8. DC Flashpoint. Batmans parents never die but Bruce Wayne does? Sounds freaking awesome.
  9. Catch 22. It just looks amazing.
  10. Quicksilver by RJ Anderson. An asexual man character, just saying.

This list was really hard to put together, a lot harder than I expected it to be. But there we go, 10 books I would buy right this second.


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