Meet Atticus Further || Solve the World

For someone who complained to Dante for taking a week off after episode 67,  I spent ages before listening to episode 68. I’m going to make some excuses. I have a Brownie pack holiday, then it was my birthday and I just didn’t have or make the time for it. I kept listening to it at night and falling asleep midway through. I must’ve heard Miles arguing with Mrs Moose (Mrs Norman?) about 5 times before hearing all of the rest. However, I have listened to it all now, just in time for the next episodes release (as though I couldn’t have listened to even the next episode a week ago because of the society).

Anyway, moving on to the actual episode. I believe most of us Solve the World fans went into this episode wanting a definitive answer to the most important question: Is Jennifer Dash really dead? Of course the episode didn’t give a definitive answer and as a writer I probably would’ve done the same thing, as a fan it’s bloody irritating. Within this episode Jenn is talked about by Atticus and the Elders as though she is dead. However, I haven’t seen a dead body or a funeral or any sort of real proof. At the moment, I am on the side of believing that she is still alive or will be at a later stage.

Dante said once that Solve the World isn’t exactly set in our world. I always see it as sort of our world plus. It’s the people, the planet, the politics, the wars that we know, but it’s the creatures, the magic, etc of our myths made real. With this in mind, along with the fact that Miles got cursed and the curse removed in this episode, I believe that even if Jenn is dead, she could be brought back to life. If that is the case I think it’s going to be Mrs Moose or something to do with Leviathan that causes that to happen.

This post really is less of a review of the episode and more of an attempt to gather my thoughts relating to Jenn and her current position with Schrodinger. The other theory I have, if it’s not the Jenn-is-dead-but-won’t-always-be one is that she currently isn’t dead. The Elders said to Atticus that they had to remove her because so many people wanted her. What if they removed her from the situation by making the world think she was dead. We haven’t seen the lead up to the Glass House from Jenn’s perspective, we’ve only seen her there through Atticus’ eyes. It’s entirely possible that the Elders and Jenn cooked up a plan that caused her to fake choking and falling unconscious to let the world think she’s dead. On top of that, Jenn might not even have been involved, they could have rigged it so a not toxic gas went into her room and simply knocked her out so they could get her away. For all we know Jenn Dash could be currently locked in some basement to become the puppet for FREE church’s Elders.

All in all, I don’t believe we’ve seen the last of Jenn Dash. Dante has told us in Solving the World that we will get a flashback scene, but I refuse to believe or accept that that is all we will get. Jennifer is the protagonist, she is the hero, she is the girl who’s out to solve the world. I don’t believe that the solution to the world is death. Although, I could say a lot about what solving the world means in terms of this podcast. Maybe I’ll do another post on that. Maybe.


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