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Captain America: Civil War [Spoilers Throughout]

As someone who’s obsessively interested in Marvel films, I knew I had to see Captain America: Civil War the very second it was available. This meant despite having work the next morning, Ii had to go to the midnight screening. The anticipation was high and for the first time I had read the comic before seeing the film, so I had an idea of the storyline. Of course I knew it wouldn’t be exact because of the characters not owned by Disney-Marvel. This post is going to contain spoilers throughout, click the read more to continue.

The film called itself Captain America but I know I am not alone in my thoughts that it easily could’ve called itself Avengers 3: Civil War. Not only did it have all the Avengers (save Thor and the Hulk) but the premise was calling into question the power of the Avengers as a whole. The real thing that differed was the inclusion and focus on Bucky, who of course, has been an important part of all the Captain America films.

Pretty much from the offset I have been on Team Cap and coming out of that film my opinion hasn’t changed. However, I can see Stark’s perspective 100% especially as a result of Age of Ultron. Stark created the creature that went on to kill thousands and cause them to destroy Sokovia. In creating Ultron,Stark wanted to help, to save people, and make the world a better place. Wanda Maximoff comments that “Ultron can’t tell the difference between saving the world and destroy it, where do you think he gets that from?” and I believe that Stark learnt that about himself and it terrified him. As a scientist, Stark can’t stop himself from inventing and tinkering but he knows he went too far. Tony’s main argument for signing the Sokovia Accords is that “If we cannot accept limitations we’re no better than the bad guys”. I truly believe that Tony could not have had any other opinion without coming across as self-centred and unremorseful.

One of the things I found most powerful about Civil War was the way I was able to see, understand and even accept the side that I do not agree with. Having a Civil War between the Avengers could never be a cut and dry good vs evil fight. We have had a number of films that have worked to bring them together, and show them all as the good guys. They are the ones who work together and save people. Thankfully, the Russo Brothers didn’t try and make it good vs evil. They made it a lot more human than that.

As well as giving the ability to show both side of the war, they also showed us that  Tony and Steve do in fact care about each other a lot. It is devastating when Tony says “So was I” in response to Steve’s “He’s my friend”. Throughout the whole movie we saw two sides who were thrown into a fight regarding their differing opinions, but ultimately they were friends, they were pretty much a family.

There is of course a lot more to be said about this movie, but I know I need to rewatch it in order to say it. I made the mistake of letting this post sit in my drafts for too long. But here’s some thoughts for now. I loved the film as a whole, I was a little disappointed that there was no death of a major character.

One of the things I think this movie did remarkably way, was the inclusion of parents. Tony was forced to see the death of his parents and learn how that happened. He learnt that the man he had once followed as a captain was protecting the man who killed his parents and was forced to deal with that. In many ways, it’s similar to Batman vs Superman and the Martha situation. However, I have to saw I think Marvel did it better. Marvel’s use of Tony’s parents was relevant to the plot and did more than suddenly stop the fight. However, this is not the place to complain about DC, I do still love them


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