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Busted || Motorpoint Arena Cardiff – 24th May 2016

From the second the music began and the first supporting act bounced onto stage, I knew this was going to be a concert I would adore. For the first time I was as excited for the support acts as I was for the main event. Emma Blackery has been a YouTube favourite of mine for the passed three or four years. Her videos have made me laugh, made me cry and genuinely helped me through some really tough times, her videos have allowed me to help friends when I didn’t have the right words. Although music has been a smaller part of her channels, it’s been clear that it’s always been a huge part of her life and her songs range from the powerful to the loud and angry and there’s not been one I haven’t loved.

WP_20160524_19_33_24_ProAs Busted’s support act, Emma sung her newest song Sucks to Be You, which easily gets into the listeners head. She went from this fun, loud song to her older song Perfect. It is not an exaggeration to say that there were tears in my eyes as she sung this. There was something very overwhelming about seeing someone I admire and respect on the stage on front of me singing about how who you are is already good enough. She added a song from her new EP which allowed me to hear it for the first time live. Roll on Friday when the EP comes out.WP_20160524_19_56_59_Pro

After Emma Blackery came Wheatus, though I happily would’ve had Emma singing and talking to us all evening. I know practically nothing about Wheatud except for the one thing pretty much every person knows: Teenage Dirtbag. My friend had looked at setlists and told me they would be singing it.
Excitement swelled at the thought that a song that has been there throughout my childhood was going to be played in front of me. Wheatus played a few songs and until the aforementioned there weren’t any that I had heard before. However I found myself entranced by the band, by their voices, by the lead singers stage presence. I found myself on the amazon app between Wheatus and Busted looking for their albums so I could soak them in further.

The wait between Wheatus and Busted seemed to drag, with teasing’s of the stage flashes with video clips and then the flying pig came out. Followed by the band themselves. Busted launched straight into their beautiful new song  Coming Home.WP_20160524_20_53_26_Pro 

Throughout the concert, Busted sung a number of old fan favourites, as well as a few songs that I honestly never expected to see on stage. One of the things I love the most at concerts is seeing the way that band members communicate with each other on stage. I don’t mean so much in the way they talk to each other, but the way the move around each other while singing. There’s something heartwarming seeing them moving closer as they sing that shows a real friendship. Seeing this with Busted was particularly good to see as it was the first time Charlie had toured with Matt and James since the split and it was wonderful to see that Busted just slotted together as though 12 years hadn’t passed since they had played together. WP_20160524_21_01_30_ProIn fact they all seemed as close a friends as other bands I have seen together.

Songs that I always expected Busted to play, although after the 2004 split I never thought I would actually see, that I wasn’t disappointed to hear including: Air Hostess, Who’s David, Sleeping with the Lights On (during which they got everyone in the audience to put the flash lights on on their phones and wave them), What I go to School For, Crashed the Wedding, You said No and of course Year 3000 which they wonderfully ended on.


There were also a couple more new songs, one called One of a Kind, the other I didn’t catch the name of. These have me very excited for a new album from them;  I’m not aware of a title or date or anything all I know is that I cannot wait to hold it in my hands and soak in the new material from a band who swore they would never play together again.

The other songs that were dotted in the set were Falling for You, 3am, Why, Thunderbirds are Go, Everything I Knew, That Thing you Do. And then, there were the two songs that I love that I never ever would’ve expected them to play: Dawson’s Geek and Meet You There. Meet You There has been one of my favourite Busted songs since I first heard it, it is a beautiful song and the line Where’s the world that doesn’t care, maybe I could meet you there, never fails to pull up all sort of emotions within me. Hearing that song life on stage in front of me had tears in my eyes similar to Emma Blackery’s Perfect.

All in all this was an amazing evening and I can honestly say that it is the best concert I have been to. In this  I am including the Westlife Farewell Tour at the same arena in 2012, which emotionally destroyed me. This concert was so beautiful because it took an artist I cared about from my childhood, an artist I care about now, and an artist I only sort of knew and was able to fall in love with. Below are some more random pictures from the concert. The second stage was almost right below the balcony we were sat on which was wonderful.



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