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Mostly Cloudy with some Brighter Spells || Juliette Wills

Summery: Mostly Cloudy With Some Bright Spells is an incredible story of determination, acceptance, love, and above all else, hope. Juliette is in constant, debilitating pain; undaunted, she has turned her unique experiences and adventures into an inspiring, brutally honest and often hilarious story you won’t want to put down.

Rating: 5/5

Thoughts: I came across this book when browsing the kindle store, having just got used to reading on my phone. As someone who suffers from ME/CFS but is lucky enough not to have Fibromyalgia with it, I’ve often found myself wanting to know more about that disease because of how closely the two are often associated.

Juliette really lets us know what is going on throughout this book. She holds nothing back in her brutal honesty. That, for me, made the book amazing, and relateable and loveable. And it made her herself seem all of those things and so so real. I know many people when writing autobiographies try to write it as a piece of literature, to make it an interesting story, but what makes Juliette’s story so interesting is that fact that it is real. And self-reflecting.

The book follows years of her life from before she was 30 to after she’s 40. As well as the several horrific illnesses she has to deal with, Juliette also tells us about her parents, holidays, relationships and her passions. We get to know her, her parents, her partners as though they are people around us. The themes within this book are intense, Juliette deals with an abusive relationship, near death experiences, poor treatment at hospitals, and suicidal thoughts. It’s an intense read at times, and a funny read at others. All in all, I think this book is fantastic.

As well as making me feel as though  Juliette is someone I know personal, it also taught me a lot, about the various illnesses, the operations, and other things. I would definitely recommend this book to people wanting to understand fibro or colon related diseases. I am so glad I picked it.



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