Episode 62 || Solve the World

This episode of Solve the World finally brought us back to Jenn. It’s been a while since we’ve seen her and the poor girl is in a horrific position. On a boat that isn’t going to survive and being rescued but only able to save one more person. Dante sets up the idea that all the stewardesses were the same, as were  Smugly’s body guards, simply because Jenn didn’t know them. But of course, in saying that, it plants in the listeners mind – at least in mine – the thought of who are they, how are they different, who will miss them. In the end Jenn has to choose between two people, Mary Margaret or Smugly himself.

What I loved about this episode was the characterisation within Jenn. Within the episode she is desperately struggling and she needs some sort of human contact and attention. Throughout the series, Jenn has been the sort of girl to be interested in guys but not really know what to do. However, this episode shows us something different. Esau (Smugly) is someone who has Jenn’s attention but she doesn’t really know him. She feels close to him and even tries to kiss him.

However! Later on when Jenn is faced with a motherly woman who seems to genuinely want to help, we learn and see that all Jenn really seems to want is for someone to hold her. She is desperate for touch and contact, but this episode shows us, I think, that what she needs is not something romantic.

I sincerely hope that someone creates the fan-art that Dante asked for within this episode. Ii don’t have the artistic ability to do so. I already sent him my attempt at drawing Jenn from one of the scenes that really grabbed my creative insight.


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