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Doctor Who Series 10 Teaser

Yesterday bought with it the reveal of the new companion within Doctor Who. Although we are not getting a series this year, we have now been told the actor who will be playing the companion and the name she will have.

The first thing to catch my eye about the trailer was of course the fact that it was Daleks. I’ll be honest, I’m getting tired of Daleks. They are an overused villain within Doctor Who. Although I understand they are a classic and a staple of the show, but it would be nice if not everything revolved around them. Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat are both guilty of overuse of the Daleks and I look forward to the day we get one season when the Daleks don’t make an appearance or if they really have to, it’s the best episode ever. (I’m look at you Dalek from series 1, I love you).

Moving on to the reveal of the character herself, it’s hard to really form an opinion on a character that we see for around two minutes and no nigh on nothing about. However, I’m just going to comment on what we see and my thoughts on it. Pearl Mackie is a beautiful woman, I adore her hair and the necklace she has one. I hope we get something more interesting than a girl from modern day London, but I get the feeling we won’t, so my real hope is that she’s not ‘the most important girl in the universe’ or that the universe won’t reset around her.

The dialogue between Bill and the Doctor has me interested in who she will be as a character. Of course we do not know the context of this clip. We don’t know how long she has been with the Doctor and how much she knows. However, I really like the way she is told this thing is literally a machine designed to kill all other species, and she’s just there asking questions and making jokes about it. It seems from this that she doesn’t quite see the gravity of what the Doctor is saying until the very last scene when the threat is very much right behind them.

I’m excited for a new character, I have to admit. There’s a big part of me that is missing Doctor Who and that is partly because I know it’s not on until Christmas, but mostly because I haven’t been as excited for it in the last few seasons. I’m hoping this new character will renew my love and excitement.


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