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Reading Update

It’s been a while since I blogged about the books I have been reading. I’m not going to make excuses, but I do have my reasons to being a bad blogger over the past month or so. I don’t however have reasons for not blogging about books since January, so lets make up for that. There are a number of books I need to talk about, so the next couple of posts are going to be catching up on that.

The Man  In The High Castle – Philip K Dick

This was the first book by Dick that I’ve read but it has made me want to read more. I’ve wanted to read this since my University boyfriend read it and recommended it to anyone who would listen long enough. And I understand why he did. Dick takes World War Two and looks at ‘what if the Nazi’s won’.

The thing I most loved about the story is what we saw all angles. There were characters who were Jewish as well as Japanese and German. Dick went into detail to explain how he thinks it would’ve been for everyone had it not ended the way it did.

In many was the book was intense and I found myself losing focus a lot when reading  it. I definitely need to read it again,  I think, in a year or so. But I would definitely recommend it. Juliana’s story was my favourite and I think the most interesting thing about the novel.

4 Stars.

Trouble is a Friend of mine – Stephanie Tromly 

This is the first book I received when I was subscribed to OwlCrate. It was read back in February. The story follows Zoe as she has just moved to a new area and a new High School following her parents’ divorce. Digby pretty much decides the two of them are friends and throughout the story we see the two of them getting caught in mysteries that Digby is somewhat closely connected to. This leads them into all sort of trouble, including kidnap, cults and bombs.

I really really enjoyed the storyline of the novel. The ideas within it I really liked. Digby’s background and storyline was interesting and the friendship growing between the two of them was really powerful. However, there were times when I didn’t really feel the characters. At one point Zoe gets a phone call from her Father reprimanding her for something she has done and she gets upset about it and I feel like that scene in particular is very much told rather than shown so it was hard to get into Zoe’s emotions.

As a whole though  I enjoyed the story. I loved Digby and Zoe a lot.

3 Stars

Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

I was really nervous about this book because I am a huge fan of Fangirl. Fangirl means so much to me in a way I can’t explain, Cath is the fictional character I have most related to ever. I was uncertain about Carry On as it was based about the fictional story that Cath is a fangirl of rather than anything to do with Cath herself. I’m a Harry Potter fan but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get into this story which was inspired by Harry Potter.

I was wrong. Completely, utterly, 100% wrong. I adored this book pretty much from start to end. The story of Simon Snow was fascinating and as someone who knows and likes Harry Potter, it was great to see where the inspiration was and where it differed. The story read like a published book and like a piece of fanfiction at the same time, which had something magical about it. I loved everyone within the book; Simon, Baz, Penny, Agatha. They were all so interesting.

All in all, I thoroughly recommend this book to any Harry Potter and Fangirl fans.

5 Stars

The next book post will be on the first three books in The Chronicles of Narnia (in read order).


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