Jenny Dash is Mayor!! || Solve the World

Give a man an inch and he’ll take a mile. Don’t tell Dante you’re going to write another blog post within one blog post else he will remind you about it. I kid. I’m glad to be blogging and I did say I would write about this episode.

This episode came 6 into the start of ‘part three’ ie after the month’s break that came over episode 50 and the emotional rollercoaster that was. I don’t usually write about specific episodes but I want to get into the habit of doing so (Dante, that is your cue to bother me weekly if necessary, starting with episode 60) and this episode is a good one to focus on.

Episode 56 is only the second episode to not be from a third person stand point within the Solve the World podcast. We see the Pied Piper’s viewpoint again as we did in episode 51 Meet The Piper.

The piper begins by telling us that he is not a storyteller and throughout the episode we see this proven. As someone who has studied writing (I have a 2:1 Degree in Creative Writing) I was intrigued by the Piper telling a story with this claim. Throughout the episode Piper talks about hot being interested in the parts of a story that people ask questions about. He’s only interested in the facts that move the story on, with no real emotional connection.

It was fascinating because personally I found myself adding parts into it, I feel like I know Jenn enough to understand how she was feeling and how it was affecting all the people around her, despite the fact that the Piper gave us none of it.

The episode does a lot to move the story and to show us what the world has become since Jenn has been in the druidry, especially how important she had become to the world’s storyline. She is thrown into this world that expects her to be so much and really she just a teenager who doesn’t really understand all that’s been going on around her and to her.

When  I saw the title of this episode it made me uncomfortable because “Jenny” is really not her name. Although there is only a one letter difference between Jenny and Jenn, I feel like it makes a bit difference. Jenn is the character we have followed on this journey. Jenny sounds a lot younger, a lot more innocent, a lot more niave. But this, I believe, works really well in the context of the episode. Jenn has recently rid herself of all guilt and pain connected to past actions and she has almost been reborn, she no longer has the lost hand, her long hair is back. The name Jenny almost seems to fit the character we see in this episode.


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