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Card Game || Solve the World

A few days ago,  I received the Solve the World Card Game in the post. I was impressed as it only took just over a week to arrive from the US. My Mum and I watched Dante Stack’s video last night in order to understand how to play and then played two games of it.

Dante says in the podcast introducing the game that he and his wife wanted to play a game but there weren’t many games you can play with just two people and that that inspired him to create one relating to Solve the World. For me, this card game solves another problem. My  Mum and I like playing games a lot but we don’t like the fuss of setting up a board or traditional 52-card games which may take 5 minutes or over an hour depending on your hand. Solve the World, now that we understand it, is an easy to play and quick game. We were playing for around 15 minutes and played two games.

I’m going to leave out the first game we played because that was not of much interest. I’m going to focus on the second because we started with a very interesting hand.


The way this game works is that you have three Character Cards and they all have either an action or a trait on them, and each go you can use an action to further yourself along or you can do nothing. At the end of each go you take a Destination Card. Each destination card is there twice and at the start of the game, without looking you put one destination card under the Croatoan card. The aim of the game is to use Jenn Dash to find the Croatoan

The starting hand of Game Two

My Mum hand Jenn Dash which was definitely a positive start for her, it meant when she was ready she could risk  Jenn’s life and search for the Croatoan. However, as the cards continued to be dealt, I was handed two Marshall’s while Mum was handed Lillith’s. Mum had two useless assassins because I had two assassin blockers. I also had Miles Faa meaning I could become either Jenn Dash or Lillith.

I became Lillith with my first move and with my second I knew I could’ve killed Jenn. It was there directly in my power to take out Jenn and take out my Mum’s ability to search for the Croatoan. However, two problems arose. The first was that I felt guilty killing off Jenn so early in the game and the second was that if I killed Jenn I wouldn’t be able to mimic her to search for it myself. So I killed off one of the Lilith’s.

Mum and I both used Destination cards to change characters, and both ended up with  Lex after doing so. Lex, ironically, is a character who allows you to change character without having to spend Destination cards.

With just five destination cards in hand and my Miles mimicking Jenn, I decided to brave searching for the Croatoan. I was unsuccessful. The Croatoan was in Lichtenstein and I… was not. A new destination card was placed and with just six destination cards my Mum decided to risk poor Jenn’s life and search or the Croatoan.

She, to my horror, was successful.

Where the Croatoan was and Mum’s card finding it

The Croatoan was in fact in the ONMO center (spelling centre with an er feels wrong to my British brain but it’s on the card…) which was one of the cards in my Mum’s hand. In my mind I was ready to contest this point because the ONMO center is an undisclosed location somewhere in the  US, how could the book possibly be found in a place we don’t know where is, but I remained quiet and accepted that after two games we had won one each.


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