Solve the World Updated Thoughts

We currently have 59 episodes of Dante Stack’s fictional adventure podcast Solve the World and I haven’t spoken about it since the release of episode 50 in January. It was pointed out to me that it was time to write an updated review. Now, I’m reluctant to use the word review when I write about things as I tend to just slurge out thoughts rather than writing anything coherent, but call it what you like, here we go. Spoilers.

At the end of episode 50 we left Jenn having just been freed of all the guilt and pain attached to everything she has been through and done. This was a powerful move and obviously was going to leave Jenn in a different place to the place we knew her to be in. Jenn was under a heavy burden just because she knew things, had seen things and had done things and a lot of this was taken away in this ‘freeing’.

I’m certain the Jennifer Dash who left her home on this quest would not recognise the girl who exists in the current episodes.

This is something that I wrote in my first post about Solve the World when we were at about 45 episodes. Now we are another 14 ahead of that and I would go as far as to say the Jenn Dash we know now might not even recognise the girl who existed in those episodes. This Jenn Dash – especially seen in episode 59 itself – has more of the innocence of the Jenn  Dash who left Louisana in that she cannot deal with murder. That’s not to say she was ever okay with it, but she has lost any of the desensitisation that she had associated with it.

One of my favourite episodes of the entire series has come since I last wrote about it and that is Jenn Dash is Mayor!! This episode was told from the point of view of the Piper which was a really fascinating way to tell the story. The story is in the third person, looking mostly from Jenn’s perspective but every so often showing us what other people are doing in different parts of the world. Because of this it is a big change to have a story from the first person limited, especially for that character to be someone as allusive and mysterious as the Pied Piper. Dante does this twice – so far, I’m hoping for more – the first being in Meet The Pied Piper which was the first episode after the break post episode 50.

Jenn Dash is Mayor!! is an episode I intend to write an entire post on (when I get around to it) but I’ll say now that I just love the way the Piper tells the story.

There’s probably a lot I am forgetting to say but hey that’s what you get for trying to write a blog post at 11pm. Some things I don’t want to forget though

  • I love Marianne (Mary-Anne? Mary Ann?) Margaret.
  • I love the inclusion of different religions and rites/rituals/magic and how they work
  • I think I fall in love with Miles a bit more every time he does something. And somehow I also don’t like him at times.

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