Solve the World Fan Art.

With my anxiety playing up and me being in a place of completely discomfort for almost three days straight now, I thought it was high time that I return to drawing. Drawing is something that have been able to calm me since I discovered I can actually do it. Tonight I was inspired by Dante Stack posting links to his Solve the World fanzone on Twitter, so I thought, why don’t I start by drawing something solve the world related as well. I came to draw this rough image of the Solve the World logo, depicting the head and neck of Leviathan reaching out of the sea. Dante is already aware of my impatient relating to the existence of Leviathan within the story. Snapshot_20160406

After drawing the logo, I felt the need to draw a dragon. The spikes and shape of Leviathan’s head left me wanting to continue on that sort of wavelength. Halfway through rawing this dragon I realised I was still envisioning Leviathan, so once she was finished, and gone over in pen, pencil lines erased, I coloured her in blue and added the sea around her. Whenever I imagine Leviathan she is a great sea creature, bigger than any creature we are currently aware of in the ocean (I say current;y aware because of how much of the ocean is still unexplored, for all we know Leviathan exists), big enough that the ship Jenn and the crew were on could be devoured by the wave in the bottom left corner, simply because Leviathan’s existence makes them so tiny.Scan_20160406

Now, Dante has said to me tonight that “I don’t pay you to draw, I PAY YOU TO WRITE!! (just kidding of course… I’m still trying to figure out ways to pay myself!)”. So this doesn’t count because I’m talking about my fanart, but I will be writing another post in which I discuss the recent episodes of Solve the World because my goodness has shit hit the fan.


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